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A new team at the head of Eventattitude!

The 'conversation starters' are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year...

While Eventattitude has just wrapped up an Auto Salon beating all records - 10 experiential devices installed for the Febiac and for clients like Citroen, Fiat, Hyundai, Peugeot or Volkswagen - Raphaël de Borman is preparing to hand over the keys to his associates: his brother Gaëtan, Emmanuel Paul and Sören Vandewalle who benefits from his departure to step in as associate.

Established in 2001, Eventattitude has made its mark quickly in the domain of event communication and brand-activation operations.  This company, located in the Brussels region, has acquired a rare expertise over the course of the years in designing and developing all types of interactive devices - be it photo, video, or game.  Their team - 30 people under the same roof - includes project managers, software developers and an industrial designer.  From Tomorrowland to Plaisirs d'Hiver or the Batibouw trade fair, there are more than 1.500 operations per year in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

“In recent years, Eventattitude has been developed to achieve a cruising speed of around €3 - €4 million annual TO.  But the 2015 financial year was the opportunity for us to restructure the company in depth.  Now that this work has been completed and is bearing fruit, the timing was perfect hand over to my associates” explains Raphaël de Borman.

“The team now in place is stronger than ever.  We have been working for several months on this transition, with my associates and the management.  After many years of combining the roles of Managing Director, Creative Director and Account Director at Eventattitude, I want to take time out to cultivate my curiosity in some areas such as user-generated-content for example.  For the next rounds of my carreer, I allow myself to consider all options.”

The transfer of responsibility will take place over the course of the work for the final few weeks and will conclude at the end of March.  Emmanuel Paul will wear the hat of Managing Director.

“We intend to fittingly celebrate our 15th anniversary this year.  The start of the year is encouraging with the arrival of new clients and the implementation of large-scale projects - including for the Parlementarium in Berlin or the Bourgogne des Flandres Museum in Bruges” concludes Emmanuel Paul.    

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About Eventattitude

When two people want to start a conversation, they often need a pretext. Whether it is the latest news or the weather outside, any kind of hook is welcome to break the ice.

When a brand wants to meet the public or a company get closer to its customers… it’s the same!

And that’s exactly when Eventattitude comes into play.

How can a brand catch the attention of consumers walking in the aisles of a trade show or a shopping mall?

How can that same brand interest people on an event it sponsors –whether they are festival-goers at Rock Werchter or fans at a Red Devils game?

What can a company set up to ensure that its employees interact in a fun way at the next staff party?

All kind of issues that Eventattitude has been handling over the last 16 years, building itself a unique expertise…

Eventattitude’s very specific core business is to design and set up fun and interactive devices that enable a brand to start a conversation with its consumers.

Av. Louise / Louizalaan 523
1050 Brussels