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The Brussels Motor Show is putting an emphasis on “selfies” this year!

Launch of the PopSelfie Zones...

Eventattitude will offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy a “PopSelfie” experience, its brand new concept launched a few weeks ago, at the 93rd Brussels Motor Show, from Thursday 15 to Sunday 25 January 2015 at Brussels Expo.

What is a “PopSelfie”?

This is a fun and interactive experience that offers visitors to an event the chance to take a photographic self-portrait, or “selfie” with their smartphone - via a web app¹ - and to print it free of charge via a booth provided for this purpose.

Three PopSelfie Zones will be rolled out at the Heysel exhibition halls

Eventattitude will set up its “PopSelfie Zones” in three of the Heysel halls at the Motor Show (Halls 1, 4 and 5)². Touring, Europcar and bpost are the partners for the campaign. They will each have an area in their own colours and will offer visitors the opportunity to take their selfie in front of one of the backgrounds installed, or in front of the car of their choice. The web app will also offer users the opportunity to enhance their picture by adding a filter. It will then give them a special code that will enable them to print their selfie for free in just a few seconds!

Lastly, users will be able to share their selfie in just one click thanks to prior identification via Facebook Connect3, and to repeat the action as many times as they wish. This is a simple and original process, which is expected to enable the greatest possible number of people to take part. 

The Brussels Motor Show must also appeal to young people!

In any event, this is the desire of the fair's organiser, the Belgian Automobile and Cycling Federation (FEBIAC). By partnering up with Eventattitude to organise this campaign, FEBIAC wants to lower the age of its target audience and continue to offer visitors an event open to everyone, with a varied and fun content.

The “PopSelfie Zones” will also provide FEBIAC with an excellent opportunity to enhance its commercial offering for potential sponsors. In fact, these areas will enable brands to benefit from unparalleled visibility during the show.

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Raphael de Borman Managing Director, Eventattitude
Raphael de Borman Managing Director, Eventattitude
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